Hardwood Restoration, Sanding & Refinishing in Milford, MA

Saving You Time & Money

At New England Flooring, we not only install, sell, and service various flooring options, but also provide sanding and refinishing services as well. Often, hardwood floors can become worn from pets, children, and house guests. While many people try and polish these floors, it is often unsuccessful because the surface itself needs to be sanded down and refinished. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on new flooring, save yourself some money by simply refinishing your existing flooring!

We also specialize in the restoration of original wood floors in homes built in the 18th and 19th centuries. If your old wood floors are damaged and worn and you think they can't be saved, you should consider our restoration services! We have saved many historic floors and we can probably save yours too!

Almost without exception, any existing wood floor can be restored to it's original beauty.

The Benefit of Sanding & Refinishing

The main benefit of restoring, sanding and refinishing an already existing wood floor is the reduced cost. It is much cheaper than replacing your existing wood floor. Another benefit of sanding and refinishing is that you don't put your home (and family) through the stress of ripping out existing floor and selecting a new one. To request a free estimate regarding our restoration, refinishing and sanding services, please reach out to our offices by calling (508) 478-2345!

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