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Flooring For High-Traffic Homes

These days, there are so many different flooring options to choose from. There is wood flooring, old-fashioned linoleum-vinyl flooring, tile and of course, carpet. To many people, carpet is the most comfortable flooring option. It is beautiful, warm, friendly, and with the proper care, can maintain its original appearance and quality for many.

At New England Flooring, we often suggest carpet for homes with small children or pets, as it often more resistant to scratches and surface damage when compared to other materials such as wood or porcelain.

Some of the most popular carpet styles are:

  • Neutral tones
  • Sculpted carpet
  • Plush luxuriant carpet
  • Looped or textured carpets
  • Waterproof, pet friendly and odor resistant carpet

Sometimes, a carpet style that would look great in an office or professional space would not suit a comfortable home. Similarly, certain types of carpet are better suited to people who have pets. To find the ideal carpet for your specific space, you should speak with our flooring experts in Milford by calling (508) 478-2345.

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